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In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session:
What to Expect & How to Prepare 

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Congratulations on your brand new addition!

This is such an exciting, precious time for you and your family. Whether you are a first-time mom or you already have five children, preparing for a newborn photo session can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, Mama, I’ve got you covered. I myself am a mom to 3 sweet little boys, so I have been where you are multiple times. We will work together to capture these sweet early moments with your little one. Here is a guide to help you feel a little more prepared for your session, it’s a little long, but bare with me, I promise it will help your session go as smoothly as possible! Have your partner read through it as well, I know you’re probably sleep deprived, so they can help you remember some of these tips the day of your session. 

If you can, try to keep your baby awake in the hour or two leading up to your session. It is easier on everyone if baby is ready for a good nap by the time I arrive at your house. A bath is a great option and can help relax baby and even wear them out a little bit. Play and talk with your baby to help keep them from falling asleep, whatever it takes! With that being said, I know sometimes keeping a baby awake is just not going to happen, do your best, and if your baby decides they want to be awake for their first photo shoot, that is totally okay, don’t put too much pressure on it.

I would recommend keeping your home a little warmer than normal for your session, maybe around 75 degrees or so. When baby is nice and warm, they will be much more comfortable and more likely to stay asleep. 

If you have a special outfit you would like your baby to wear, try to put it on them closer to when I arrive to avoid any spit up or diaper blow outs on it. If you don’t have an outfit, don’t worry, just keep your baby in a diaper and blanket/swaddle until I get there, and then I will wrap your baby up in a swaddle that I will bring with me, I have several colors for you to choose from! If you prefer to have your own outfit for your baby, just remember to keep it simple.


Neutral colors photograph best against newborn baby skin, keep that in mind while picking out yours and the rest of the family’s outfits, think whites, creams, grays, etc. Avoid clothing with embellishments that can scratch baby’s skin. Also, try not to wear tops with logos or distracting patterns. 

If you have older children, I usually like to start with pictures that include them first, that way if they get burnt out quickly, we will be done with their portion of the session. We will start with a whole family shot or two, then just a sibling picture, and after that we can do any other pictures you want with siblings. Once all of the group shots are done, I will focus on individual pictures of the baby. With all of that being said, some older siblings may take some time to warm up to me being in their home, it that's the case, we can let them observe for a little while and jump in when they are ready.

Don’t forget to relax, if mom is stressed, baby will be stressed. If your baby is fussy, or just refusing to sleep, that’s okay, we have plenty of time to feed, cuddle and rock your little one to sleep, that’s just how it goes for newborn sessions, we will get precious photographs no matter what. Also, if your baby spits up, pees or poops on me or any of my props, don’t even worry about it, remember, I have 3 boys, been there done that.

I encourage you to tidy up your home for these pictures, I know, I know, easier said than done with a brand new baby in the house, shove things in cabinets or in a different room, whatever you need to do, just to make the area we will be taking pictures in look nice and clean, items in the background of pictures can be super distracting. I like to use the baby’s nursery, parent’s bedroom and/or living room for a majority of the pictures. I am open to using any other space in your home that you would like as well (think kitchen, you and your partner sipping coffee together while you admire the precious new life you created together). 

Health and safety is my top priority when it comes to your baby. Here are the policies I have in place

  • I will wash my hands immediately when I arrive at your house to keep any germs away from them. 

  • I wash and sanitize all of my blankets, swaddles and props after each newborn session so they are always clean for the next baby.

  •  If I am sick at all in the few days leading up to your session, I will let you know and be very open about what’s going on. I am so grateful that you are welcoming me into your home to capture these sweet new beginnings, the last thing you need is for me to come in and get any of you sick. 

If there are any other precautions you would like me to take, please let me know. This is your baby and you make the rules.

The days are long, but the years are short. This quote is one I didn’t understand well until I became a parent myself. And now I cry every time I hear it! In just the blink of an eye, your newborn won’t be so tiny anymore. So, while you are up in the middle of the night, absolutely exhausted, remember that you’ll miss these days. Soak up the baby snuggles, smiles and coos, and remember that is why it’s so important to document this sweet, sweet season of life.

I’m looking forward to your session and meeting your sweet new baby, please feel free to reach out with any questions you have after reading through this guide, I want you to feel as comfortable as possible going into your session. See you soon!


All my love


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