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Morgan Kennedy - Senior

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Morgan last week and getting to hear all about her exciting future! I am so happy for her and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for her!

"If you told me when I was six, or ten or even seventeen that one day I would be almost 22 years old, just 8 weeks away from graduating college and preparing to compete for Miss New Mexico I would never have believed you. I grew up being very shy, afraid of people and lacking the confidence to dream those big dreams. Even though it took twenty years and A LOT of encouragement from family and friends, I broke out of my shell and truly flourished during my time in college. I wouldn’t be where I am today, the current Miss Northern New Mexico, headed to compete for Miss New Mexico, if I hadn’t been blessed by some truly incredible people who showed me what I am capable of.

I look to the future ready to find my groove and experience all of the wonderful adventures life has to offer; I want to travel, the number one escapade on my bucket list being to paraglide in the French alps. Someday I hope to get married and be a mom (not just to my sweet pup). I also want to open a dress boutique and bring joy and confidence to women and girls for all those special events we never forget, like prom, our weddings, and even pageants ;) But for the near future, up next is graduation and then off to the Miss New Mexico competition! Becoming Miss New Mexico is my goal and my biggest dream and I can’t wait to compete for the title in June!"

-Morgan Kennedy

Love Always,


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