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Justin & Emily - Surprise Proposal

Justin contacted me several months ago wanting to set up a session for him and his girlfriend, Emily. Of course I was excited because couples sessions are one of my favorites, but then Justin contacted me a little bit later asking if it would be okay if he proposed to Emily during our session because he was pretty sure she would never see it coming! As soon as I read his message I about flipped out of my chair and couldn't respond quick enough! Yes, couples sessions are one of my favorites, but when someone wants to propose during one, it makes it 10 times more exciting!

He and I met up about a month before our session to plan out all of the details of how the session would work, and after many messages back and forth, we came up with a solid plan. I think the biggest thing we were both worried about was pretending like we had never met before!

The day of their session came and my wonderful husband/assistant/dog wrangler met them at a beautiful garden center here in Lubbock with their sweet dog, Cash. Everything went just how we planned it! After they had changed into their second outfits and we got to the spot where Justin was going to propose, I asked Emily to face away from Justin for my "favorite pose" (this was our code word). Once I felt like Justin was ready, I asked Emily to turn around because I actually "didn't like the light on her face". Once she turned around and saw Justin on one knee the moment turned absolutely magical. A lot of tears were shed all around and it could not have gone better!

I am so excited for this incredible couple to start their journey of the rest of their lives together. They are the best, and I'm so honored that I was able to be a part of such a special moment.

Congratulations Justin and Emily!

All my love,


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